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Teaching/Pedagogy Workshops and Training





National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science Summer Workshop
5-day intensive workshop focused on training science faculty to teach with case studies, to write their own cases, and to assess their students’ learning with cases

Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE) Workshop and Meeting
3-day workshop based conference; participants are actively involved in four 3-hour "hands on" workshops and several shorter "mini" workshops

HHMI Biosystems Dynamics Summer Institute Mentoring Workshop (Center For Innovative Teaching & Learning, Lehigh University)
4-hour workshop. Facilitator: Dr. Greg Reihman

Inclusive Teaching Workshop (Center For Innovative Teaching & Learning, Lehigh University) 3-hour workshop. Multiple Facilitators. 

POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) Workshop (SPIRE sponsored)
4-hour workshop. Facilitators: Drs. Michael Bruno and Gail Webster

Understanding the Culture of Your Department- UNC Chapel Hill Center for Faculty Excellence. 2-hour workshop. Facilitator: Dr. David Kiel

Diversity Training- UNC Chapel Hill Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
2-hour workshop. Facilitator: Sharbari Dey

Effective Teaching: A Workshop (UNC Chapel Hill)
One-day workshop. Facilitators: Drs. Richard M. Felder & Rebecca Brent

Teaching with Technology 
(SPIRE sponsored)
2-hour workshop. Facilitator: Dr. Brian Rybarczyk

Becoming an Effective Mentor (UNC Chapel Hill)
6-week workshop. Facilitator: Dr. Justin Shaffer

SPIRE Seminar on College Teaching
10-week workshop/seminar. Facilitator: Dr. Ed Neal.