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Use the links below to jump to evaluations from peer faculty observers,  most recent student evaluations, and evaluations from an undergraduate workshop I created and facilitated. 
  1. Peer Faculty Observers Evaluations
  2. 2015-2016 Academic Year Student Evaluations
  3. Facilitated Undergraduate Workshop Evaluations
 Observer    Class/Date
Dr. Thomas Hammond 
Director for Teaching, Learning, and Technology and Associate Dean for the College of Education, Lehigh University
Lehigh University: Bios 115
Fall 2015
  "What I observed is exactly what I want my teacher ed students to be doing, both in terms of the in-class practice (mixing together info delivery and prompting / student engagement) and -- more importantly -- the after-class reflective practice (refining materials, re-sequencing content). This was pretty much a master class: small areas for improvement but rock-solid fundamentals and many, many advanced techniques. Clearly a careful and attentive instructor..."

Full Evaluation: Fall 2015
Dr. Leslie Lerea 
Associate Dean for Student Affairs, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
UNC Pembroke:
Bio 1000
Spring 2013
  "[E]xcellent student participation and attention"
"Very clear and visually pleasant"
"Related topic to your research- very good as an example supporting the concept and keeping reference to bench science"

Full Evaluation: Spring 2013
Dr. Linda Dykstra
Professor of Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
UNC Pembroke:
Bio 1000 
Spring 2013
  "Excellent classroom management- really impressive you have their attention"
"[Use of technology] well organized"

Full Evaluation: Spring 2013
Dr. Robert Poage
Associate Professor of Biology, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
UNC Pembroke:
Bio 1000 
Spring 2013
  "[Excellent] Pace of delivery"
"Did not read slides; paraphrased" 
"[Made connections] Referred back to earlier chapters"

Full Evaluation: Spring 2013

 Class/Date  Class Size  Average Rating  Representative Write-In Comments
Biology Core I: Cell and Molecular 
Lehigh University: Bios 41
 19  4.7/5
"Questions at the end of the lecture on the material we learned were really helpful in solidifying the information we had just learned and I felt that it helped me retain the information better."

"Professor McLaughlin, I truly enjoyed the manner you presented the material in class. I feel that students truly appreciated the case studies used. "

"Overall, this was a quality course. I really enjoyed learning the material. Positive: Your enthusiasm was clear and very evident day in and day out which always made lecture easier to get through (especially given the 90 minute length). One thing to change: The examples you provide as case studies are nice once in a while but many times, I felt they did not fit the lesson and were forced into the presentation, if that makes any sense. Really, the only thing I would change is the case studies. Everything else was great; this has been one of the best classes I have taken at Lehigh thus far. "

"Dr. McLaughlin is by far the best professor I've had at Lehigh so far. She explains the material very well and breaks it down so the students can easily understand the material. She had a wonderful personality and I was genuinely eager to go to class everyday. Dr. McLaughlin deserves 10 gold stars!"

Biology Core I: Cell and Molecular 
Lehigh University: Bios 41
 261  4.3/5
 "Very passionate about teaching/gives good contemporary examples." 
"I like the teaching method because it is easy to review lecture notes"
"I like how class is interactive." 
"Professor McLaughlin clearly understands her field and is a refreshing presence." 
"I loved how enthusiastic you are about teaching because it made me want to pay attention and learn" 
"I really liked how enthusiastic about teaching you are and how you always put the students first." 
"I like how you start each day with the objectives and a review of the week ahead. This helps me to stay organized and on top of my assignments." 
"As a non-science major I enjoyed taking this class because I learnt a lot, very efficiently , at a good pace. 

Advanced Genetics Lab
Lehigh University: Bios 346
23  4.5/5
 "Course was pretty cool, and actually inspired me to begin a research project with another professor." 
"I enjoyed this lab...and I actually learned a lot of techniques." 
"This lab is by far the most enjoyable bio lab I have taken at Lehigh."

Biology Core II: Genetics
Lehigh University: Bios 115
FALL 2015
  154  4.6/5
 "Overall this was a great class! Super interesting and I really enjoyed it!"
"Teacher was very accommodating, flexible with and caring of students."
"I found this class incredibly fair. I appreciated that you took student feedback midway through the course and made changes to improve the course...The course was interactive and engaging which definitely helped me to learn the material!"
" Teacher was always enthusiastic about teaching everyday so going to class was easy and something to look forward to." 
Biochemistry Lab
Lehigh University: Bios 377
FALL 2015
 36  4.3/5
 "Most hands on instructor I've ever had! First lab that was challenging, enjoyable AND relevant."
"I thought this was an interesting lab with cool applications."

 Workshop  Size Average Rating Representative Write-In Comments
RISE Workshop: How To Be A Protege
University of North Carolina at Pembroke
 11 4.9/5.0
 "Best workshop all year long! Most useful. Should be offered every time!"
"This was great! It sure helped a lot. I feel more knowledgeable about mentor-mentee relations"
"Very, very helpful and very well run"